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Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

Willowbank KiwiWillowbank Wildlife Reserve is within 10 minutes drive of Avon City Motel. We supply 10% discount vouchers for Willowbank.

Christchurch's Willowbank Wildlife Reserve is one of the most popular New Zealand tourist attractions. You can experience New Zealand wildlife in a natural setting, and learn about New Zealand's natural environment and history.
  • Guided tours after dusk - choose from the night time kiwi tour, day tour and kiwi breeding tour
  • Special children's programmes during school holidays and year round
  • Willowbank locationOpen 364 days of the year
  • Just 10 minutes from Christchurch International Airport, and 20 minutes from the city centre
  • Christchurch's only tourist attraction open in the evenings that combines native wildlife, kiwis and Maori culture
  • 100% guaranteed kiwi bird viewings - you will love our kiwi experience!
  • An authentic experience to remember, topped off with New Zealand influenced cuisine at our Christchurch restaurant and cafe
  • Quality souvenirs, clothing and giftware to remind you of your New Zealand experience

Willowbank ChristchurchThe History of Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

This unique South Island attraction was established in 1974 by the Willis family, and is still owned and operated by the same family today. Situated on 18 hectares of river gravel, it has taken many years of planting and care to create the lush surroundings Willowbank has today.

Willowbank is a special place combining native New Zealand wildlife, rare breeds, nature and culture – all within the boundaries of Christchurch city.

The staff and owners of Willowbank work alongside the New Zealand Conservation trust, particularly with the kiwi breeding program “Operation Nest Egg”. Willowbank is privately owned and receives no government funding. We are extremely grateful for donations. Willowbank has doubled the population of Okarito kiwis thanks to the contribution that visitors to the park have made to the conservation of the kiwi through your reserve entrance ticket.

There are approximately 50 different types of animal (up to 500 individual animals) found in enclosures and wandering free.