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Avondale Golf Club

Avondale Golf Course is within 10 drive from Avon City Motel.

Avondale Golf Course in Christchurch offers a challenging 18 holes to test your skill, with a Men’s Par of 70, measuring a good 5422 metres and a Ladies Par of 71, this measuring all of 5071 metres.

The course has an automated watering, sprinkler system in place, keeping the course looking and feeling good to play on, and walk.

The golf course is located on the corner of Wainoni and Breezes Roads. With a range of undulating fairways, many trees and bunkers this course is a sure test of your ability to stay on the fairways, especially in windy conditions!

A non-affiliated visitor costs $35 and an affiliated visitor costs only $25, then after your round, or maybe you’re waiting for friends to finish, you can enjoy full bar facilities and light snacks, with the clubhouse being well appointed overlooking the 1st and 18th fairways. So come in and enjoy a chat.